frequently asked questions (or what you might be thinking)

I don’t know if this fits in my budget.

The amazing thing about having a session done is that these images will last far longer than you or I ever will. And every time you look at them, the memories of that time in your life will come flooding back, and stories can be shared for generations to come. Worth it, isn’t it?  That being said, you only buy what you love, pure and simple.

I’d love to get my family pictures done, but I just want to lose about 10 lbs first.

Hey, I hear you. Unfortunately, there is a good chance that we will never be fully happy with our bodies, especially after having kids. I am the first to admit that there is some extra junk in my trunk that doesn’t seem to be hitting the road any time soon. Here’s the thing though: every moment you wait, you end up missing. Moments are fleeting. This is your ‘now’, and it’s pretty amazing.

I feel awkward in front of a camera.

Psst, me too! Get me together for a group photo and I make a terrible face that I didn’t even know I could make – what is it about standing in front of a camera that’s makes us so weird and unnatural? So yeah, I get it. I’m all about capturing the way you interact with each other, not the way you can smile on command. You get to just be yourself. Do what you normally do, and you’ll just forget I’m even there. To learn more about the process, click here.

What if I don’t like the photos?

Julia Francesca Photography has a 100% satisfaction policy. No one is happy if you’re not happy. Contact me for details.

My husband HATES getting pictures done.

C’mon guys, what’s the deal? Just kidding! Let’s face it, family photography can be uncomfortable and awkward. You have to wear clothes that your wife picked out. You have to sit in a park and try and hold down kids that are one step away from screaming like maniacs, when all you really want to do on your day off is sit and watch some TV. I totally get it. You’re going to love my sessions. No matching outfits. No parks (unless you guys want to go there). And if you want to watch TV, go for it – but I’m going to take pictures of it!

I think my kids will be too wild during the session.

Perfect! Yep, I meant that. If your kids are wild, let’s capture it! Those always make for the best pictures – the memories that will ring the most true years from now. Plus, you can always think ahead to those wedding slideshows..

I will add that because I’m not asking your kids to sit nicely for me and to look into the camera and smile, they will be much more comfortable. That’s not to say there won’t be at least one meltdown – there probably will be! But that comes with the territory with kids, and yep, I’ll capture those too.

Our life isn’t very exciting – there probably isn’t anything to photograph.

Until you stop and think about it, it’s hard to realize just how much actually goes on in a typical day. I’m not talking about activities or events. I’m talking about bits of personality. The tantrums. The sleepy snuggles. The silly grins. Days go by where you miss them entirely – that’s why I’m there to capture them. Prior to your session, I will get together with you to make a rough schedule of what we will be aiming for, but I promise you that there will be tons of moments to capture no matter what we have planned.

Picking what to wear is TOO HARD.

Yeah, it’s a pain. I’ll make it easy for you. Wear what you feel comfortable and look good in. That’s it. As for the kids, let them pick out their outfits. If your kids are too small to do it, find something for them that you love to see them in (just make sure it isn’t something that they will find uncomfortable).

One thing though – PLEASE do not wearing identically matching outfits. Why? Do you wear the same thing as Grandma on a regular basis? No? Then leave your black shirts and khakis in the closet, and wear something that just screams you. No one looks cool wearing the same outfit as their entire family. Seriously, no one.

If you have issues making a decision, I am more than happy to help you narrow down some choices. Just let me know.

My house is messy. Do we have to do the session there?

In home sessions are great because they are a part of your history, and your memories. And you can clean up as much as you feel comfortable doing. The state of your house helps tell the story too, and can be a great glimpse into what life is like in this stage of your life (when my second was born, it looked like a nuclear explosion targeted my home for months).
That being said, you are definitely not restricted to having the session in your home. Choose any location that has some meaning for you and your family. If there is a trail you love to hike, let’s go for it! If you all love to go to Storybook Park, let’s make that happen! The sky is the limit – we’ll go over it all during your pre-session consultation.

I love the idea of putting pictures up on my walls, but I have no idea where to begin.

Never fear – that’s why I’m here! During our consultations, we’ll talk about what kind of products will work best for your family. When I come to your house during your reveal and ordering session, I will bring my special software that can show you exactly what your pictures will look like on the wall of your choosing. It’s like magic. Check out this blog post for more information.

Do you do events?

You bet. If you’ve got a birthday party, baby shower, anniversary party or other event coming up, let me know! The more notice you can give me, the better chance my calendar will be clear.

Can I just get the digital files on a disc or USB?

Short answer: yes, of course you can! Long answer: try to think hard about what you want them for. There are many reasons why you’ll benefit from having me get your images and products professionally printed as opposed to doing it yourself, and we can go over all of that during your consultation. To be honest, a lot of times we have good intentions, but those good intentions end up sitting in a drawer with that disc, just collecting dust. What a waste!

I know how fun it is to share your images with friends and family, which is why I include a web-sized digital version of every print you purchase absolutely free – perfect for sharing on Facebook, via email, or beyond.

Do you do wedding photography?

I have decided to dedicate myself to family and child documentary sessions at this time, however, I do engagement sessions as well.

Let’s book this thing!