A look back at 2015

This past year has been amazing. I got to meet some great families that were not only open to a ‘different’ style of photography, but actually embraced it. I feel so honoured that they welcomed me into their home and let me tell their story in pictures. These stories took me around Owen Sound, to Hepworth, Hanover and many places in between.

These are just a few of my favourites from over the past year – I tried not to get carried away, but it was hard! Cheers to all my clients in the past, and I can’t wait to see what great families I will meet in 2016!

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weeks 44, 45 and 46 of project 365

Phew – it’s been a busy few weeks. I’m still here though, plugging away! Because I’ve been a little swamped, I got a touch behind, so the descriptions will be lighter this time around. No time to waste – let’s get to it!

week 44

October 30th – Fun at the Early Years Centre!

october 31st – Happy Halloween from me and the little monsters!

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weeks 42 and 43 of project 365 | fall fun

Another couple of weeks going by in a flash. It’s getting colder, but I’m going to continue to tell myself that it will somehow be nice and warm all winter long. Nope, not in denial at all.

week 42

october 16 – On the way to the bus stop, we had to stop for some leaf frolicking. Reasons why I don’t like Fall: the cold, oncoming winter, the cold. Reasons why I do: Halloween and crunching leaves. Man, that’s fun.

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weeks 38 and 39 of project 365 | recovery

So, as mentioned in my last 365 post, Mr. F got his tonsils taken out. His recovery was strange – he took it much better than I thought he would, and didn’t seem to be in too much pain, but he did need a few extra snuggles which I was more than happy to provide. Here’s a look at the past couple of weeks.

week 38

september 18 – After a long and mostly sleepless night at the hospital, Mr. F had to show off his lack of tonsils so that we could go home. He did that happily enough – then threw a fit when we got into the car. Go figure.


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week 35 of project 365 | a week of waiting

Summer is quickly fading. That makes me a bit of a sad panda. I love the heat and the summer activities so much. And I will be one kid less during the day in just over a week’s time. S will be starting school, and she couldn’t be more excited. I am also excited for her (of course), and it will be interesting to see how F and I do as a party of two. So yes, there will be a lot of S features this week, but I’m sure it will all even out, as things usually do. Here’s how the week went.

week 35

august 28 – My hubby has many talents. He’s an artist, a science nerd and he can play the guitar. So obviously, he needed another hobby. Lately he’s been really into woodworking, so he made me this entryway bench. We are all big fans of it.

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Weeks 33 and 34 of Project 365 | Fun with Friends

Another double week, as I know we are all so crazy busy in the summer. Speaking of which, where did it go? I think I only spend half the summer enjoying it, and I end up mourning the loss of it through the other half. Alright, alright, I’ll stop being a downer.  Let’s get to it.

week 33

august 14 – As the week post fires wrapped up, we headed off to a charity BBQ to help the victims. It was an amazing turnout! So great to see how cool this community is in a situation like this.

girl in stroller in front of fire truck

august 15 – Mr. F seems to be without clothes more often than not these days – gotta love the summer! He’s also been obsessed with temp tattoos lately. Thank goodness for Deals Surplus store! Here he is showing off his belly ‘Dinosaur Train’ as he calls it.


august 16 – Something must have clicked, because all of a sudden she is really into colouring. The girl who wouldn’t touch crayons if I begged her (and if she did, everything on the entire page was purple scribbles) can now spend hours sitting and colouring. Sweet bliss (for everyone).


august 17 – I have no idea how this started, but whenever we finish solving this puzzle, we all have to dance on it. It’s the law.


august 18 – When he puts on his sister’s boots, get out of the way!


august 19 – Another charity BBQ for the victims of the fires, this time at the police station. My kids will never say no to a hot dog, so it was a win win.


august 20 – Sometimes being 2 (or 4, or 30 something, for that matter) can be hard. On all of us.


week 34

august 21 – This night was a huge deal for me. My closest friends from high school and I had a falling out over something very stupid, just as high school was wrapping up. It ended up that we didn’t see each other again for over 15 years. This night I got to reconnect with some of them, and it was amazing. Man, teenagers can be ridiculous sometimes. I had a blast, stayed out WAY too late, and paid for it via my teeny early birds the next day, but I’d do it again in a heartbeat <3


august 22Summerfolk time! I took the kids to the play area. Here’s S rockin’ a rainbow butterfly and a hippy headband in true Summerfolk fashion. She was happy about it. Honest.


august 23 – Summerfolk part two! After the first day, I noticed that tie dying is still a thing (I live in my mom cave, it seems), so I thought it would be fun to get a little crafty before we headed over to the festival. Mr. F decided that he couldn’t wait for me to get the shirt out, and decided to tie dye himself. He is fired.


august 24 – The kids haven’t played dress up in a while, but on this rainy day, S decided to dress up F, because she said that they were going to get married. I think he looks more like a really low key superhero instead.


august 25 – Another chilly, rainy day, so we did a little painting instead of playing outside.


august 26 – Remember those tats I told you about? He’s obsessed. He wanted a whole sleeve of these – I cut him off after the final finger tattoo. I think I can see his future.


august 27 – This chilly weather is not agreeing with me! After doing a great clean up job to get ready for Grandma and Grandpa’s arrival, they got a treat of eating lunch in front of the TV. These are exciting times for toddlers.


Phew, that’s the past two weeks in a nutshell! We are supposed to have some warmer weather ahead, so I’m hoping for at least one more beach day before we have to move on with our lives. Hopefully I’ll get to capture it as well.
Until next time xo


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week 32 of project 365 | fires raging in all of our hearts

Wow. What a week. Our little, pretty town became national news because a bunch of idiots decided to have a little fun on a Sunday night. But it wasn’t all terror and sadness. Here’s how it went.

week 32

august 7th – So it seemed as though I might have inadvertently skipped July in my ‘at least one selfie a month’ mini project, so I am planning on changing that by having two this month (hopefully!) Here’s me and the little one. He loves to be upside down.

august 8th – We celebrated another sweet birthday party on a day that was supposed to be chilly and rainy and ended up being sunny and toasty! Who knew? It apparently takes several kids to get one candle out, but my little miss was more than happy to help her friend.

august 9th – We took a trip to Sauble Beach’s Sandfest, and spent some time in Giggles Arcade. I didn’t have the heart to tell the little guy that this puppy wasn’t real.

august 10th – At 3:30 in the morning, children’s screams coming from the park next to me woke me up. I was confused, and convinced myself it must be teenagers up late and having fun – until I saw the flashing lights. About 15 minutes later, the house across the street from me, which was once the house of a very good friend of mine, was engulfed in flames. Rumours poured in about other buildings on fire, about kids lighting gas tanks aflame. The ashes were blowing directly over our house. My husband (with tons of ash in his hair) was convinced that it would set our house on fire as well, which concerned me because I knew that the fire fighting resources were extremely tight as it was. We were so so so lucky that day. No one was injured, and the kids slept through most of it, but I couldn’t lose the chill for the rest of the day.

august 11th – We tried a bit of normalcy, by heading off to storytime. When we got home, we decided to sit out on the porch (in the rain), and watch the crews work on the houses across the street. S, oblivious to the tragedy that had unfolded, was trying to catch raindrops on her tongue.

august 12th – Yet another trip to Storybook Park. August is a time where we head over there at least once a week – I treasure my season pass greatly. Here the little ones seem to have gotten a little mixed up when it came to the picture sign.

august 13th – My guys don’t always get along – in fact, they fight quite a bit. And on this morning (which didn’t start off the greatest), I thought I might have to separate them. Then S grabbed F by the hand, led him to the couch and read him this book. And they waited at least 10 minutes before they started fighting again.

So that was this week. It was driven by a lot of news reports, a couple of sleepless nights, and immense gratitude for the fire department and our police department, who nabbed all of their suspects in record time. And while it was scary and tense over here, I chose not to focus on that for most of my week’s photos. Because we are strong, and we still go on. My heart goes out a million-fold to those families that lost everything in those fires. And I am doing my best not to take anything for granted over here.

Until next week xo

week 31 of project 365 | more summer travels

With the holiday weekend, this week really threw me for a loop, and I forgot what day it was most of the time! So this entry is a little late. We had a lot of fun this week, so let’s get to it.

week 31

july 31st – we wrapped up the last day of playgroup for the summer with a trip to the pet store. Felix loved all of the animals, and was really into the snakes. I’m just glad he didn’t see the tarantula tank – yuck!
73115_photojournalistic photography.jpg

august 1st – I really love the fact that we have a playground directly across from our house. I don’t take advantage of it nearly as much as I should, especially since it’s great to zip over there before dinner. Sometimes it’s not so easy for the littles ones to leave, however.
80115_photojournalistic photography.jpg

august 2nd – It was a mani-pedi day at our house. Scarlett insisted on getting her toes done, and then proceeded to ‘dry’ them so she could go play again.
80215_photojournalistic photography.jpg

august 3rd – We headed off to Barrie to visit with family. We made it in time for Kempenfest. Despite what Felix’s shirt and face seems to say, we had a great time.
080315_photojournalistic photography.jpg

august 4th – We faced a rainy day, so instead of being total couch potatoes, we decided to be more like potato skins, by playing a round of Wii Fit. (by the way, Felix is pretty terrible at Wii Fit).
080415_photojournalistic photography.jpg

august 5th – We headed off to Canada’s Wonderland today! It seemed as though a lot of people had the same idea we did, but we still had lots of fun going on the rides and seeing the sites. Scarlett is really into dinosaurs right now, so we made sure to check out that exhibit – here she was being a little paleontologist. She was disappointed that her favourite dinosaur (the brachiosaurus) wasn’t there – she said it was probably off sleeping.
080515_photojournalistic photography.jpg

august 6th – On the way back from Barrie, I thought it would be fun to stop off at Blue Mountain Village for the first time. We checked out the shops and the playground, and then wrapped things off with a yummy treat.
080615_photojournalistic photography.jpg

Phew, what a whirlwind! I believe we have a much calmer week ahead. Until next Friday.. xo