Week 20 of Project 365 | Grey Bruce Family Photos

Holy Macaroni! I’ve made it to Week 20! It’s funny – I did a 365 project a couple of years ago, and I remember some days I’d be in a panic about not having my picure done yet, and it felt like such a chore. This time around, sometimes when I get the shot early in the day, I find myself wishing I didn’t just so I’d have something to shoot in the afternoon. Weird! Anyway, let’s get this under way, shall we?

week 20

may 15 : The weather in May is wacky. It’s hard when it comes to the kids, because they don’t understand why one day they can wear a t-shirt and shorts, but the next day they have to wear a sweater. And frankly, neither do I. Make up your mind, Mother Nature! /rant. On this day, despite the weather, Felix insisted on wearing his sister’s sunglasses. And he rocked them.
51515_grey bruce.jpg

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Week 18 of 52 | Project 365 Continues!

This week wrapped up with some gorgeous weather. Hello Sprummer! I have always been more a fan of heat rather than the cold, so this was a welcome addition. Here’s how it played out.

week 18

april 30 – our wonder kitty Alley was itching up a storm and seemed very uncomfortable, so we decided it was time to get a check up to see the wonderful vets at Grey Bruce Pet Hospital. I had to bring the two rugrats, so it’s no surprise that Alley was plotting her escape near the end.
owen sound photographer_0236.jpg

may 1 – It’s May! Scarlett really looks forward to a new month – mostly because she gets inexplicable joy from flipping the calendar page. Hey, whatever floats your boat, kid.
owen sound photographer_0237.jpg

may 2 – Today Felix flashed his ‘stubborn’ side. He insisted on wearing that hat even though it was rather warm. Then he also insisted on standing on those rocks for about 10 minutes before getting in the car.
owen sound photographer_0238.jpg

may 3 – Our first day of shorts weather in a long time! Had a fun jaunt over to the park across the street.
owen sound photographer_0239.jpg

may 4 – Just an impromptu, shirtless, male only tea party. No big deal.
owen sound photographer_0240.jpg

may 5 – I’ll be honest. I rarely get out the paints, because even though they are washable, it really gets everywhere. I decided to throw caution to the wind today and let them go at it. And yes, Felix ate some paint. Did you have any doubts?
owen sound photographer_0241.jpg

may 6 – Went over to a friend’s house for a playdate today. Scarlett showed off her newly found t-ball skills. And yep, she dressed herself this morning.
owen sound photographer_0242.jpg

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Have a great week!

May Finding Lifestyle Blog Circle | Out & About

Another month has flown by, and so it’s time to revisit our Finding Lifestyle blog circle. Our theme this month is all about being out and about. Sometimes you might feel self conscious about taking your camera out on a regular outing, but I find the more you do it, the easier it becomes! The 365 project that I’ve been doing this year has really helped with that.

For my outing, I thought it would be neat to focus on one that we do a fair bit – a trip to Walmart! We were shopping for a birthday present for a very special friend. This errand was a little different, because we were actually travelling to the one in Port Elgin instead of the one in Owen Sound where we live. Why? Honestly, I needed to kill some time, so why not make a day of it? Stay at home moms, you know what I’m talking about!

When we first got there, we had to make a requisite potty break. Luckily, it didn’t take too long, so we could shop our hearts out, test out all the toys (obviously) and then wrap up the trip with some yummy lunch.

For the record, I did think about cropping myself out of the bathroom mirror picture, but then I decided it’s nice to have proof I was there, even if it’s behind a camera. 
owen sound photographer_0213.jpg owen sound photographer_0214.jpg
owen sound photographer_0215.jpg
owen sound photographer_0216.jpg
owen sound photographer_0217.jpg
owen sound photographer_0218.jpg
owen sound photographer_0219.jpg
owen sound photographer_0220.jpg
owen sound photographer_0221.jpg
owen sound photographer_0222.jpg
owen sound photographer_0223.jpg
owen sound photographer_0224.jpg
owen sound photographer_0225.jpg
owen sound photographer_0226.jpg
owen sound photographer_0227.jpg

Who knew Walmart could be that exhausting much fun?

Time now to check in with the talented Bianca, and her take on being Out and About by checking out her blog post here.

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Week 17 of Project 365 | Out and About in Grey County

This week we got to forget about the snow (what the heck was that all about anyway?!) and get ready for warmer, normal spring weather once again. It also had us running around to different places in Grey County. You will see more about our adventures in Port Elgin when you see my contribution to the Finding Lifestyle blog circle I am a part of (I’ll add the link when it goes live), but in the mean time, here’s how we spent the week.

april 23 – we had some fun at the Early Years Centre, and Felix discovered that he fits just perfectly into the cubbies. Perfect.
owen sound photographer_0228.jpg

april 24 – during our visit to Port Elgin, we had to make a pee break. I guess Felix was just checking to make sure that Scarlett was okay in there.
owen sound photographer_0229.jpg

april 25 – we headed over to visit with friends as little Josh celebrated turning 2! Unfortunately, he also came down with a fever in the middle of his party, so everyone helped him blow out his candles.
owen sound photographer_0230.jpg

april 26 – spending time with daddy out in the garden, Scarlett found a lot of new ‘friends’. This one she called ‘Sister Worm.’ I was cool with it until she gave it a kiss. Then it was sent back to its home.
owen sound photographer_0231.jpg

april 27 – this little man has dedication when it comes to his meals. Here he’s signing ‘more’ after going to town on his dinner and finishing some of his sister’s too. Obviously we don’t feed him enough.
owen sound photographer_0232.jpg

april 28 – after nap, these two had a regular old wrestlefest in Felix’s crib. At least they were contained, which is all that mother asks for some days.
owen sound photographer_0233.jpg

april 29 – got to have a fun lunch with these little monkeys. By lunch,  I mean they raced all over the restaurant and caused havoc.
owen sound photographer_0234.jpg

Another packed week wrapped up. One thing that this 365 teaches you is that there is usually at least one moment that happens each day, even if at first you think that nothing in particular happened. If you’d like me to come to your house to capture your memories in this way, feel free to contact me, check out my facebook page, or check out my website.

All the best until next time! Don’t forget to click the ‘project 365′ category link at the top of this post if you want to see more from this project.

Product ideas | Print photography in Owen Sound

Okay, so I haven’t fully blogged this family’s session yet, but I got so excited to share the adorable products that they got that the rest will have to wait!

Erin and Matt have toddler TWINS. So needless to say, they have their hands full! This is one of the reasons why I love doing the viewing sessions once your pictures are ready. I’m not just there so you can see your pictures – I’m there to help you decide what is best for your space. It’s hard to picture what will look good up on those walls, and that’s why I’m there to help.

At Erin and Matt’s viewing session, I took a picture of the wall they wanted to decorate, and we came up with this configuration. Looks great, doesn’t it? (Okay, it’s a little crooked, but that’s because I was setting it up right in front of them, so I was moving fast. I promise that they won’t look crooked on their wall in real life).

Matt erin

That’s right: we got to see how it looked on their actual wall. No guessing, no hoping it would turn out. How cool is that?!

Then I sent them off to my professional lab, and here are the pieces, all matted and ready to go up on their wall. They wanted all of the pictures to be black and white, so I set that up for them before they went off to the lab.

owen sound photographer_0205.jpg

Because I want to make sure that your wall art goes where it’s supposed to (not leaning in a closet), I only provide mounted or matted prints, so they are always frame ready. Of course, canvas is available as well!

Erin and Matt also picked up a set of these adorable mini accordian albums! They are awesome for keeping in your purse, and they also make great gifts for the grandparents. They come in a set of three.
owen sound photographer_0206.jpg
owen sound photographer_0207.jpg

I can’t wait to help you choose great artwork for your walls, featuring the people that you cherish the most. There is nothing sadder than getting professional pictures taken and then just putting the disk in a drawer or on a hard drive. Contact me to book your session today.

Week 15 of Project 365 – Attack of the Stomach Flu!

This week had a lot of us feeling well.. not well. Poor Felix had the brunt of it, with all kinds of ickiness. I ended up catching a smaller form of it too. Somehow, as always, the husband ended up unscathed. He will not share his secrets!

week 15

april 9 – Grandma came to visit! I did, for the record, do my due diligence and warn her about the stomach attacks, but she came anyway :) The kids were of course delighted. Felix ended up without a shirt because his lunch just kept coming back up. Sorry, Grandma!
owen sound photographer_0199.jpg

april 10 – Poor Felix spent most of the day in this state. Who knew such a little body could take so much abuse?
owen sound photographer_0204.jpg

april 11 – Shopping day! I ended up working my other gig (radio DJ) in the afternoon today, so I got to see what the grocery store was like on a Saturday morning for the first time in a long time. It wasn’t pretty!
owen sound photographer_0200.jpg

april 12 – Sunday had me running around all over town – I had two sessions, and I was recovering from that pesky flu. Other people in the house had it a bit easier.
owen sound photographer_0201.jpg

april 13 – The day Felix stops drooling will be the day I do some kind of heroic dance and/or battle cry. I’d say “Listen for it, Owen Sound!” but to be honest, you probably won’t be able to miss it.
owen sound photographer_0202.jpg

april 14 – My little miss is getting bigger every day, but there are times I remember just how tiny she still is.
owen sound photographer_0203.jpg

april 15 – We decided to do a surprise visit for Daddy – we showed up to his work to have lunch with him.
owen sound photographer_0198.jpg

Thankfully, we are all (mostly) feeling better, so I’m looking forward to a fresh week ahead!

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Week 14 of Project 365

This week was filled with Easter goodness, and some upset tummies :( Oh, and one crazy haircut as well.

week 14

april 2 – The temperature was a balmy 14 degrees! We were very excited to not have to wear winter boots.
owen sound photographer_0185.jpg

april 3 – Easter egg hunt at GG’s house! He is a master egg hider, but Felix was able to outsmart him.
owen sound photographer_0192.jpg

april 4 – Easter dinner at Granny’s house. These sweet cousins were ready for dinner at least an hour in advance. And then, of course, barely ate anything.
owen sound photographer_0193.jpg

april 5 – Granny decided Felix needed a haircut. I agreed with the sentiment, not so much the look.
owen sound photographer_0194.jpg

april 6 – I see this dirty look several times a day. He could still be bitter about the haircut, though.
owen sound photographer_0195.jpg

april 7 – Spending some “look and find” time with Daddy after work.
owen sound photographer_0196.jpg

april 8 – Using technology as my saviour as we wait in the waiting room at the doctor’s office.
owen sound photographer_0197.jpg

That was our week! What you didn’t see was a lot of upset stomachs.. I love documentary photography, but even I know TMI when I see it.

Hope to see you back here next week for another edition!

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Flashy week 13 of 365 Project | Family Photographer in Grey County

This week I am hoping you won’t find something common in these photos – if I did my job right, you won’t.
I decided I wanted to get to know my flash a little bit better, so my mini goal this week was to use my flash in every daily picture. I still have a lot to learn, but I think I’m getting better with having it look nice and natural. I will always choose natural light over flash, but it’s great to have on hand when you just don’t have enough light for the shot. I think in a month or two I’ll do another week like this to keep practising.

week 13

march 26 – both kids were little firecrackers today. It was nice to have some tablet-induced down time. julia-francesca-owen-sound_0159.jpg

march 27 – Felix has a tendency to tackle all the toys, and just leave them in his wake, like a crazy toddler tornado.

march 28 – Peek!

march 29 – Now that we have all recovered, it was time to have Felix’s belated birthday party. And I even baked cupcakes! Miracles really do happen sometimes.julia-francesca-owen-sound_0162.jpg

march 30 – I bent down to get a closeup shot of Scarlett reading in her room, so she stuck her face in my camera. If I had asked her to look at me and smile, do you think she would? This is why I embrace documentary style photography. The rest is too complicated!julia-francesca-owen-sound_0163.jpg

march 31 – He insisted on wearing this crown he made at the library. It might be a touch big.julia-francesca-owen-sound_0164.jpg

april 1 – What?! Blue milk?! April Fools!julia-francesca-owen-sound_0165.jpg

That’s it for this week. Check out my Project 365 category for weeks that have passed.

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April Finding Lifestyle Blog Circle | Routine

Time for another edition from our finding lifestyle blog circle! I look forward to this each month – it not only gives me a fun challenge to work on, but it’s so fun to see so many talented people’s take on the same topic. Be sure to follow all the way around – it’s fun!

The routine I looked at was our morning routine. It can sometimes be quite a battle – getting two little ones up and dressed can seem like an insurmountable mountain sometimes! Here’s a look at one of our typical mornings – just sped up a bit 😉

Thanks for looking! Now it’s time to check out the amazingly talented Kari – See her take on routine here.

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