A look back at 2015

This past year has been amazing. I got to meet some great families that were not only open to a ‘different’ style of photography, but actually embraced it. I feel so honoured that they welcomed me into their home and let me tell their story in pictures. These stories took me around Owen Sound, to Hepworth, Hanover and many places in between.

These are just a few of my favourites from over the past year – I tried not to get carried away, but it was hard! Cheers to all my clients in the past, and I can’t wait to see what great families I will meet in 2016!

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October Finding Lifestyle Blog Circle | Motion

October is here! One of the many things that I have learned by participating in blog circles is that I end up leaving things to the last minute – oops!
Our theme this month is “motion” or “movement”. I have to say, I was a bit stumped at first, but I’m not sure why. My kids are ALWAYS moving, but I guess it doesn’t always come across well in a static photograph. So I went through my recent archives and looked for images that had a definite sense of movement in them. Surprise surprise, most of them involve S running. She was a somewhat late walker, but she definitely makes up for it now!

Here are the images that say ‘motion’ to me.

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week 35 of project 365 | a week of waiting

Summer is quickly fading. That makes me a bit of a sad panda. I love the heat and the summer activities so much. And I will be one kid less during the day in just over a week’s time. S will be starting school, and she couldn’t be more excited. I am also excited for her (of course), and it will be interesting to see how F and I do as a party of two. So yes, there will be a lot of S features this week, but I’m sure it will all even out, as things usually do. Here’s how the week went.

week 35

august 28 – My hubby has many talents. He’s an artist, a science nerd and he can play the guitar. So obviously, he needed another hobby. Lately he’s been really into woodworking, so he made me this entryway bench. We are all big fans of it.

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week 30 of project 365 | celebrating summer

This week was all about staying cool as the temperatures soared. Let’s get to it.

week 30

july 24th – we went on a tour of the fire station, and this picture is a really big deal to me, because this was the first time (after 4 visits) that Scarlett willingly and happily sat in the fire truck. On her first visit, when she was about 18 months old, one of the firefighters demonstrated what it sounds like when they talk with a mask on. That was it – Scarlett was terrified and couldn’t be consoled. That was 3 years ago. This year, she was finally cool with it. I am so proud of her. Be sure to check out an upcoming blog circle post that will show this visit in more detail.
72415_photojournalistic photography.jpg

july 25th – I took the kids to Storybook Park again (we will be there a LOT in August I’m thinking), and I thought I’d see if Felix would be willing to try the waterslide. He wasn’t, but he kept going back and forth, which no doubt completely frustrated the lifeguard on duty. This is the look he gave her when she asked him to make up his mind. He’s got quite the stink eye.
72515_photojournalistic photography.jpg

july 26th – I thought it would be fun if we went to the park and splash pad after dinner, which is something we never do (usually they are off to bed shortly after dinner). We had some fun, and Felix showed me that he is finally okay with going down tube slides – as long as I stand at the bottom and call up to him, of course.
72615_photojournalistic photography.jpg

july 27th – Scarlett decided that it was a fairy princess at the park kind of day, and of course I agreed.
72715_photojournalistic photography.jpg

july 28th – It was a hot week! We spent some time in the backyard in the morning, and F decided to wear his favourite outfit.
72815_photojournalistic photography.jpg

july 29th – After dinner, sometimes we play, and sometimes we jam.
72915_photojournalistic photography.jpg

july 30th – Happy birthday to Scarlett’s friend Grace. She turned 5 today – I remember going to her 2nd birthday and it really doesn’t feel that long ago at all.
73015_photojournalistic photography.jpg

Hope you had a fun week too! Until next time xo

Weeks 27 and 28 of Project 365 | A double shot!

Okay, so I guess you could say that I kind of missed the boat here, but the truth is, last Friday night (when I typically do my 365 blog posts), I had spontaneously decided to head over to visit my family in Barrie. That means, no time to blog! Then the days went on and I figured by that point, I might as well just do both at the same time. So here it is, a double shot! Lame excuses behind, let’s get to it.

week 27

july 3The Early Years Centre does an ‘Around the Town’ feature every July, where they have the kids visit different places in the neighbourhood. This time, I lead the kids through a tour of 92.3 The Dock, which is where I also work part time. I had the kids record their voices and they thought it was hilarious. Sometimes, that’s all you need.

july 4 – I decided that enough was enough, watched a lot of You Tube videos, and tackled cutting Felix’s hair. I would normally go to a professional, but I’ve had bad luck lately – he moves a lot and so they don’t end up getting much done. I used the sweet distraction of Paw Patrol to do my magic. Turned out pretty well (just don’t look at the back).

july 5 – Felix has never really been a boy that has been into cars or trucks, but lately he’s been a bit more interested in them. On this day, I was a human track for quite some time.

july 6 – This week was hot! It was fun getting out to play in the water – the kids had a blast with this giant water table.

july 7 – Another “Around the Town” tour – this time to Pizza Hut! They got to make their own pizzas and, of course, eat them. And, of course, my kids were the only ones that ate their whole pizzas. It didn’t matter that it was 10:30 in the morning. They are just feeding the flames that imply that I don’t feed them when they are at home.

july 8 – This little diva decided to dress herself – from the jaunty hat to some pink Dora tights. I might have to watch out for this one.

july 9 – I’ve been working a lot more these past few weeks thanks to fill ins, so it was nice to take the kids out on a walk after dinner, which is something that we don’t do enough of. This walk turned more into a run by the end though.

week 28

july 10 – I had planned to take the kids to Barrie to visit with my mom and sister, but at the last minute, we decided it would be best to go up the night before so we’d have a full day for fun. So I packed up the kids in their PJs and we were off. Wearing PJs outside of the house is apparently the coolest thing ever.

july 11 – Spend the day swimming in my mom’s pool, followed by a visit to Barrie’s Ribfest and then some fun at the beach as the sun went down.

july 12 – After yet another day of swimming (Scarlett spent almost 4 hours straight swimming in the pool!), the drive home was very quiet.

july 13 – I bought some calamine lotion the other day because the bugs seem to really love Felix. On this day, he kept insisting that lotion be put on bug bites that didn’t exist.

july 14 – Enjoyed a trip to the ‘Story Tent’ put on by the library. The crafts and stories are fun, but nothing beats bubbles. Ever.

july 15 – Neither of them are guaranteed to wake up happy, so on the rare occasions that it happens, I’ll take a picture of it.

july 16 – Daddy’s birthday! Scarlett was so excited to wish Daddy a happy birthday (many times). We decided to celebrate with birthday pizza, so the kids snuggled with him while we waited for it to arrive.

Phew! That was the past two weeks in a nutshell! I am so in love with summer – I really wish we had it longer than we do. I am hoping we will be able to get out and soak it up while we can!

Until next week.. xo

July Finding Lifestyle Blog Circle | Details

It’s time for another installment of the monthly blog circle between the lovely ladies in our Finding Lifestyle group. Here’s how a blog circle works – you check out my post, and then click the link to check out the next one, and keep going around until you come back to mine again. It’s a fun way to see how each person has a different take on the same topic.

This month the topic is details, and I decided to go a slightly different way this time. Yesterday was of course Canada Day, and I got it  in my head that it would be a great idea to take the kids to see the fireworks. By myself. And document it. Because I’m crazy.

Here’s the funny thing – I don’t even like fireworks! They are kind of boring to me, to be honest. But I knew the kids would either love them (or hate them), so I thought we’d give it a try. This would be the first time that they had both stayed up to go see them, so I wanted to capture their reactions to the event, rather than the event itself – and that’s what I mean by the details.

It starts off with them sitting in their jammies already way past their bedtimes, watching Bubble Guppies and waiting until it gets dark enough so we can go watch them (it was around this point that I was rethinking my whole master plan!). I did my best to capture their growing excitement as smaller fireworks went off in the distance, and then the actual trepidation when the big show finally began.

IMG_9899_documentary IMG_9900_documentary IMG_9910_documentary IMG_9912_documentary IMG_9917_documentary IMG_9919_documentary IMG_9923_documentary IMG_9929_documentary IMG_9933_documentary IMG_9938_documentary IMG_9943_documentary IMG_9944_documentary IMG_9952_documentary IMG_9954_documentary IMG_9966_documentary

starting to get nervous
starting to get nervous

IMG_9980_documentary IMG_9986_documentary IMG_9987_documentary IMG_9988_documentary IMG_9992_documentary IMG_9994_documentary

And proof that we actually did see some fireworks (don’t mind the tree – the little guy was stuck to my lap and wouldn’t let me get in a better position)IMG_9971_documentary

Thanks for checking them out! Now check out what Nicole’s take on the details theme is here.

Want your day (or night) captured as it actually happens? Contact me to find out how.

Week 25 / Project 365 | Stop the sickness!

I don’t think I’ve changed more crib sheets than I have this past week. We had a week of fun and sickness – what else is new?

week 25

june 19 – My other gig is at 92.3 The Dock, and we were having a work BBQ, so I brought the kids along to join in the fun. They got to have some fun rides and I got to have a break – win win!
61915_colllingwood photographer.jpg

june 20 – Felix woke up feeling sick once again – what is with this kid? Lots of throwing up and lots of snuggles.
62015_colllingwood photographer.jpg

june 21 – Happy father’s day!62115_colllingwood photographer

june 22 – Felix wanted to take his ‘baby’ to the park.
62215_colllingwood photographer.jpg

june 23 – Both kids love going through our photo albums. Just another reason why prints matter! Get those photos off your phones and computers and onto books and walls!
62315_colllingwood photographer.jpg

june 24 – A nice snack break for a bunch of cute friends.
62415_colllingwood photographer.jpg

june 25 – It was the last day of work for my coworker Victoria, so she got the honoured photo of the day. All the best to you!
62515_colllingwood photographer.jpg

Another week in the record books! We’ll do this again next week – hopefully with less sickness. xo

Week 24 | Project 365 | Family Fun

Howdy! Another week flying by! This one brought us lots of rain, and fun family times. Let’s get to it, shall we?

week 24

june 12 – it was pouring rain for pretty much the entire day, which meant that Felix was in his glory. There is little that this child loves more than a good puddle.
61215_colllingwood photographer.jpg

june 13 – today was B and my 6th year anniversary! But.. he had to work. So I took the kids to the Keystone Family Fun Festival at Kelso. I decided to take a selfie while we were there – it’s not the best one I’ve ever taken, but I’m still working hard at getting in the frame as much as I can. Plus when you have an adorable butterfly and puppy, how can you not pose with them?
61315_colllingwood photographer.jpg

june 14 – Yet another rainy day – this one had us spend most of the day inside. Scarlett thought it was fun to watch it come down.
61415_colllingwood photographer.jpg

june 15 – Did I mention that it was a rainy week? Seriously – I’m very happy that summer is around the corner! Scarlett found some mud puddles to try out today.
61515_colllingwood photographer.jpg

june 16 – Tree climbing seems to run in the family.
61615_colllingwood photographer.jpg

june 17 – Took the kids out to the park – we’ll be spending a lot of time there this summer!
61715_colllingwood photographer.jpg

june 18 – Nothing like a little fun with dad before bed
61815_colllingwood photographer.jpg

That’s it for this week – it was a good one (although a very wet one). I’d love to hear how you spent your week – feel free to share in the comments below.

If you are interested in having pictures like this taken of you and your family, send me a note, or check out my faq page to learn  more. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Until next week.. xo

Week 22 of Project 365 | Some Relaxation

Hope you have been having a great week! My last one was filled with some relaxation, and a lot of tears. So, pretty normal (except for the relaxation part)! Let’s get to it.

week 22

may 29th – Scarlett decided to do some walking on the ceiling. Maybe we have a future acrobat on our hands?
52915_colllingwood photographer.jpg

may 30th – I got to visit with my Great Aunt Marg, my granny, my mom and my sister as we got together for a nice formal dinner. It was great to catch up! What I loved is that my Great Aunt Marg passed around some old family photographs – it was great to see what they were like back then, and proved that printed pictures really do stand the test of time. I was happy to get everyone at the table in this shot (except for me, of course)

53015_colllingwood photographer.jpg

may 31st – Off to some much needed relaxation at Scandinave Spa in Collingwood. The weather wasn’t the greatest, but it really didn’t matter. It was great to spend time with my mom and sister – and somehow we didn’t get kicked out for being too loud. Shhhh!
53115_colllingwood photographer.jpg

june 1st – At the Early Years Centre, Felix discovered this spray water bottle. Apparently squirting yourself in the face = hilarious.
60115_colllingwood photographer.jpg

june 2nd – The kids had a little jam session with their dad. Mostly fun and games, with the odd scream and pinch thrown in for fun.
60215_colllingwood photographer.jpg

june 3rd – Scarlett had her second visit with the eye doctor. You’d think she was going to Disney – that’s how excited she was. She handled it like a pro, too.
60315_colllingwood photographer.jpg

june 4th – Today was a rough day for my dear Scarlett. Here she is engrossed in one of many ’emotional displays’ on the sidewalk. Thank you neighbours for understanding!
60415_colllingwood photographer.jpg

If you go back through my 365 project, you might notice that once and a while I include pictures of my kids either crying or being upset. The point isn’t to mock them or belittle them. I’m simply showing a glimpse into our lives at that moment. Life isn’t all smiles and sunshine, at least it DEFINITELY isn’t at my house! So while it’s great to remember the good times, I think it’s healthy to remember the not so good times too.

Here’s your chance to get pictures of your life, as you are living it, warts and all! If you are interested in a photo session like nothing you’ve seen before, send me a note and let’s make it happen. Check out my site for more information.