A look back at 2015

This past year has been amazing. I got to meet some great families that were not only open to a ‘different’ style of photography, but actually embraced it. I feel so honoured that they welcomed me into their home and let me tell their story in pictures. These stories took me around Owen Sound, to Hepworth, Hanover and many places in between.

These are just a few of my favourites from over the past year – I tried not to get carried away, but it was hard! Cheers to all my clients in the past, and I can’t wait to see what great families I will meet in 2016!

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Product ideas | Print photography in Owen Sound

Okay, so I haven’t fully blogged this family’s session yet, but I got so excited to share the adorable products that they got that the rest will have to wait!

Erin and Matt have toddler TWINS. So needless to say, they have their hands full! This is one of the reasons why I love doing the viewing sessions once your pictures are ready. I’m not just there so you can see your pictures – I’m there to help you decide what is best for your space. It’s hard to picture what will look good up on those walls, and that’s why I’m there to help.

At Erin and Matt’s viewing session, I took a picture of the wall they wanted to decorate, and we came up with this configuration. Looks great, doesn’t it? (Okay, it’s a little crooked, but that’s because I was setting it up right in front of them, so I was moving fast. I promise that they won’t look crooked on their wall in real life).

Matt erin

That’s right: we got to see how it looked on their actual wall. No guessing, no hoping it would turn out. How cool is that?!

Then I sent them off to my professional lab, and here are the pieces, all matted and ready to go up on their wall. They wanted all of the pictures to be black and white, so I set that up for them before they went off to the lab.

owen sound photographer_0205.jpg

Because I want to make sure that your wall art goes where it’s supposed to (not leaning in a closet), I only provide mounted or matted prints, so they are always frame ready. Of course, canvas is available as well!

Erin and Matt also picked up a set of these adorable mini accordian albums! They are awesome for keeping in your purse, and they also make great gifts for the grandparents. They come in a set of three.
owen sound photographer_0206.jpg
owen sound photographer_0207.jpg

I can’t wait to help you choose great artwork for your walls, featuring the people that you cherish the most. There is nothing sadder than getting professional pictures taken and then just putting the disk in a drawer or on a hard drive. Contact me to book your session today.

Fun with the Fishers! | Owen Sound Lifestyle Photography

I had so much fun going over to Brittani and Brent’s house. Not only are they an adorable family, but they know how to have fun! It was an action packed afternoon – filled with stickers, baking, a dance party, hide and seek and a tea party! Adalyn had fun dancing to Shake it Off, and if there is a cuter baby than little Lance, I haven’t met one yet! Seriously – his cheeks! Here’s a look at our afternoon together during their storytelling session.

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Annan Family Photography |Winter Fun: Paula+Matt

Just before Christmas, I took part in a Pay it Forward campaign, and I offered up a free photo session. I had lots of interest, and it ended up that Paula and Matt were the big winners! Due to the holidays being pretty crazy, we decided to have the session in the middle of January. Of course, we got a ton of snow leading up to the photo shoot (no surprise living in Annan Ontario!). Luckily, it decided to mellow out on the actual day of the shoot, so I was able to go to their house and capture a part of their day with their little 4 month old Blake.

I’m actually glad we got to do the shoot just after we got so much snow, because the snow was just PERFECT! It was pure white and everywhere. And this way we got to see sweet little Blake in his adorable snowsuit! I think my heart melted a bit (which is more than I can say for the snow). Paula and Matt were so much fun to work with and Blake is just so cute – I hope we can get together again some time soon!

Here are some of my favourites from their shoot.

mom and baby look up while dad kisses baby

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