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a (pretty) ordinary year | week 3

Another week down for the books. I’m still not a fan of winter, but I will say that at least we haven’t been locked in our frozen prisons like last year. That being said, I’ll take the sunshine back this way any day now! Since I don’t have that option, we’ll deal with it. Reluctantly.

As I mentioned last week, I’ve joined a blog circle for this project, so make sure to follow it around after you’re done here to see some amazing work.

Here we go!

week 3

15|366: My little miss was upset because we had to wait until her daddy got home to go out and make a snowman. And yes, we (read: I) actually made a snowman. The sacrifices I make for my children are really remarkable.

girl looking out window

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APrettyOrdLife [107251]

a (pretty) ordinary year | week 2

I am excited to have joined a bunch of really talented photographers who are also completing a 366 project this year! We’ve decided on the title of a (pretty) ordinary year – because there really is beauty in the mundane of day to day life. Sometimes (more than others) you really need to dig for it, but it’s always there. After hanging out here, be sure to check out Karen’s past week in pictures.

This week involved a bunch of snow days (but no snow pictures because I like to avoid it whenever possible), and baking – which, if you know me, is a very strange and rare occurrence. Here we go!

day 8: dinner notes

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a (pretty) ordinary year | week 1

Well, when you make it through an entire year of taking a picture a day, what do you do? You start all over again! I have to admit, on January the first, I had a moment of “What was I thinking?! Can I really do this for another whole year?!” But then I took that day’s picture, and I got back into the swing of things.
Some of my goals for this year: Try new angles, lighting, composition. Get more shots of the two of them together if possible. And more of me! Details on that coming up.
I’m going to aim to post this every Sunday, but I do post my pictures daily on Instagram if you would like to follow along. Plus, please comment if you are doing one of your own for me to follow you back!
day 1
 day 2

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A look back at 2015

This past year has been amazing. I got to meet some great families that were not only open to a ‘different’ style of photography, but actually embraced it. I feel so honoured that they welcomed me into their home and let me tell their story in pictures. These stories took me around Owen Sound, to Hepworth, Hanover and many places in between.

These are just a few of my favourites from over the past year – I tried not to get carried away, but it was hard! Cheers to all my clients in the past, and I can’t wait to see what great families I will meet in 2016!

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weeks 44, 45 and 46 of project 365

Phew – it’s been a busy few weeks. I’m still here though, plugging away! Because I’ve been a little swamped, I got a touch behind, so the descriptions will be lighter this time around. No time to waste – let’s get to it!

week 44

October 30th – Fun at the Early Years Centre!

october 31st – Happy Halloween from me and the little monsters!

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5 on 5| november costume fun

Another month has gone by, and another blog circle is coming around – this one is the 5 on 5, where we feature 5 photos that tell a story on the 5th of the month.
Well, yes, I am aware that it is November now, but I am a sucker for Halloween, so I figured I’d use the 5 on 5 to show off my little monsters. When we were talking about what our costumes would be, Mr F insisted on being Elmo. This happened to be perfect, because Ms S was Elmo a few years ago, and I happened to have kept the costume, and lo and behold – it fit! I like to match my kids because that’s how I roll, so I convinced Ms S to be Cookie Monster, and she was on board. I was going to make her costume, but I ended up finding this super cute one online, so my work was quickly done!

On one of the last warmish days, I took them out to frolic in their costumes, and this was the result.

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november finding lifestyle blog circle | orange

Another installment of our Finding Lifestyle blog circle is here. This month our theme is ‘orange’. So, naturally, I thought I’d capture Mr. F and I carving our first pumpkin! I usually leave it to the hub, but this time I thought, “How hard could it be?” Um, part of it was kind of hard, but I digress.

Mr. F was excited to start. He helped me pick out the pattern, but didn’t really like touching the pumpkin goo with his hands – according to him it was “yucky.” But he was a great helper – although, once he had had enough, it was like “drop the mic (spoon) – I’m done.” I managed to do my sad little carving job once he was down for his nap, and Alley, the cat, helped me clean up.

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weeks 42 and 43 of project 365 | fall fun

Another couple of weeks going by in a flash. It’s getting colder, but I’m going to continue to tell myself that it will somehow be nice and warm all winter long. Nope, not in denial at all.

week 42

october 16 – On the way to the bus stop, we had to stop for some leaf frolicking. Reasons why I don’t like Fall: the cold, oncoming winter, the cold. Reasons why I do: Halloween and crunching leaves. Man, that’s fun.

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October 5 on 5 | Hospital

Time for another installment of our 5 on 5 blog circle – 5 images on the 5th of the month.

So this was a big month for us – Mr F. finally went to get his tonsils taken out, along with his adenoids and he had tubes put into his ears. This poor little dude has had a stuffed up nose since birth. He couldn’t seem to breathe through his nose at all. He was constantly snoring and while he didn’t know any different, he seemed pretty miserable. So while I was a little apprehensive about his surgery, I was also excited for him to be able to breathe properly.

The halls seemed so big and him so small.


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