a (pretty) ordinary year | week 12

This week my baby turned 3, the same day that spring arrived. Let’s get to it.

APrettyOrdLife [107251]

week 12

march 18: isn’t it strange that no matter what day it is, whenever we encounter coin operated cars, they never work? Even if we see it working for someone else, they seem broken when my guys get into them. Not sure how that happens.
31816_Julia Francesca Photography-1.jpg

march 19: The last evening of my baby being two – gazing at the sunset after his bath.
31916_Julia Francesca Photography-1.jpg

march 20: Happy birthday Felix! After a busy day, he paused for some snuggles with his sister.
32016_Julia Francesca Photography-1.jpg

march 21: This was a few minutes before bed
32116_Julia Francesca Photography-1.jpg

march 22: Finally decided to give him a bit of a snip. The hairdresser was a good sport – this boy does not sit still!
32216_Julia Francesca Photography-1.jpg

march 23: Our routine is that whoever is not hanging in the bathroom with the kids during bathtime typically arrives at the end in a comical fashion. Daddy didn’t disappoint today.
32316_Julia Francesca Photography.jpg

march 24: Making sure she covered all the bases to ensure a win.
32416_Julia Francesca Photography.jpg

That’s it for this week! Check out Karen’s week next!

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a (pretty) ordinary year | week 11

This week was March Break! I have to say, it was nice to sleep in mornings, get ready at our own pace, and go and have fun as a family. Does she really have to go back to school? Let’s get to it.

APrettyOrdLife [107251]

week 11

march 11 – It was finally decent enough (although still pretty chilly) to play at the park! Looking forward to the days when we don’t have to wear our winter coats though.
31116_Julia Francesca Photography-3.jpg

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a (pretty) ordinary year | week 9

APrettyOrdLife [107251]

Some tastes of spring this week, and another snow storm. Gotta love this time of year! Here we go!

week 9

feb 26 – Had a playdate with this little guy – his manner of playing board games is right up my alley. Sitting up is for chumps.
22616_Julia Francesca Photography.jpg

feb 27 – I may not be a big fan of snow, but I do love winter sunshine. You really learn to enjoy it more when it’s so fleeting.
22716_Julia Francesca Photography.jpg

feb 28 – After watching her get dressed this morning, it all became clear why it takes so long for her to come down to breakfast in the morning.
22816_Julia Francesca Photography.jpg

feb 29 – leap day! There must have been magic in the air – he actually willingly put winter gear on.
22916_Julia Francesca Photography-5.jpg

mar 1 – It’s been a while since we came to story time at the library. He was excited to check out all the new flicks.
30116_Julia Francesca Photography-2.jpg

mar 2 – Yet another snow day! I got to hang out with my little miss during the other one’s nap time.
30216_Julia Francesca Photography-2.jpg

mar 3 – He loved the arrows, so we took our time heading back home after playgroup.
30316_Julia Francesca Photography-1.jpg

That was our week! How did yours fare? Follow the circle to find out what happened with Karen Osdieck.

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a (pretty) ordinary year | week 5

Well, this week was a celebratory one. My biggest little turned 5! It seems so old to me. Luckily, she seems the exact same – go figure! Here we go.

week 5

day 29 – Potty training hasn’t always been smooth, but he’s getting the hang of it. I won’t miss this phase though!12916_Julia Francesca Photography.jpg

day 30 – The kids went to Literacy Day at the library, and made some masks that they were particularly proud of.
13016_Julia Francesca Photography.jpg

day 31 – Getting all spruced up before her big birthday party at Galaxy Cinema.
13116_Julia Francesca Photography.jpg

day 32 – Checking out the sunset from the warmth of the indoors.
20116-32_Julia Francesca Photography.jpg

day 33 – She was using the flower as a conch shell and told me “It isn’t working, Mommy!”
20216_Julia Francesca Photography.jpg

day 34 – Happy 5th Birthday Scarlett! I was all ready to take a picture of her before she blew out the candle, but they never gave her one. As you can see, it didn’t phase her much.
20316_Julia Francesca Photography.jpg

day 35 – Every year I measure them to see how much they’ve grown, and I’m always floored at how much taller they get!
20416_Julia Francesca Photography.jpg

What a week! Now that the birthday celebrations are finally wrapping up, we can mellow out – until Felix’s birthday next month that is! Hope you had a great week! Check out the fantastic light in Karen Osedieck’s pictures by clicking here next.

Until next week, xo

potty training.. *sigh*

Well, it’s about that time – time to get my little guy out of diapers and into underpants. He’ll be 3 in a month, so I’ve been putting it off, according to some people’s standards. It is my feeling that potty training might be the worst part of child rearing. Even when you think they’ve got it, they don’t. Trying to keep your cool while constantly mopping up pee and throwing out pairs of poop filled underpants should be worthy of medals. So yeah, I kind of hate it.

In a strange twist of fate, Influenster sent me a pack of Pull Ups training pants as part of their #byebyediapers campaign right when we decided to tackle it. Score!

Here’s my take on them.

I love that they are thinner than regular diapers, and are so easy to slip on and off, making my newly crowned ‘big boy’ eager to put them on for naps. They still feel kind of diaper-y, so I prefer to use them just for nap time and bed time. The problem was that he would wake up in the middle of the night, crying because his entire crib was soaked. We no longer use them at bed, and put a regular diaper on him then (but I try to fasten them ahead of time and pull them up – which is a pain and a half). My other con is that they supposedly have a ‘cool and learn’ feature, but he doesn’t seem to notice at all if he pees in them – so either he doesn’t notice it getting cooler, or he doesn’t care. When he is wearing regular underwear, he notices right away if he pees a little.

All in all, I like them for naps, but that’s about it at this point. I do appreciate that I got them to try out – I just wish they were a bit more absorbent for night time use. Thanks, Influenster!