a (pretty) ordinary year | week 17

Another fun filled week – I have teamed up with some really talented ladies for this blog circle, so be sure to follow it around! Let’s go.

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week 17

april 22 – when I told them that Grandma was 10 minutes away, they insisted on watching for her at the window.
42216_Julia Francesca Photography-2.jpg

april 23 – She has some amazing reactions sometimes.
42316_Julia Francesca Photography-2.jpg

april 24 – It took him a long time to learn how to jump, but now that he’s figured it out, he can’t be stopped.
42416_Julia Francesca Photography-2.jpg

april 25 – Fun puzzle time – RAWWR!
42516_Julia Francesca Photography-2.jpg

april 26 – I don’t know how much longer I have him in this crib, but I will take advantage of it as long as I can.
42616_Julia Francesca Photography-2.jpg

april 27 – Flying high at the park.
42716_Julia Francesca Photography-2.jpg

april 28 – Someone wasn’t as into movie night as the rest of us.
42816_Julia Francesca Photography-1.jpg

That was our week at a glimpse. Now let’s check in with Cindy and see how her week went.

Until next time, xo

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  1. Love the shot of your kids waiting at the window and your son in his crib! What an awesome week!!

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