a (pretty) ordinary year | weeks 18 and 19

We were out of town when I normally hook up with my blog circle, so I decided to make this a double post. Here we go!

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week 18

april 29
42916_Julia Francesca Photography-1.jpg

april 30 – showing off her super hero pose
43016_Julia Francesca Photography-1.jpg

may 1 – she was hiding from me because she was mad at me. See if you can spot her.
50116_Julia Francesca Photography-1.jpg

may 2 – an ode to my husband, who does most of the cooking in this house and takes pride in it. I love having one less thing on my list.
50216_Julia Francesca Photography-1.jpg

may 3 – He is really into puzzles lately.
50316_Julia Francesca Photography-1.jpg

may 4 – She gets her finger-like toes from me. Not bragging – just a fact.
50416_Julia Francesca Photography-1.jpg

may 5 – He has to copy everything she does, especially silly faces.
50516_Julia Francesca Photography-1.jpg

week 19

may 6 – He has started to be obsessed with balancing, and she always has been.
50616_Julia Francesca Photography-1.jpg

may 7 – 4PM time out
50716_Julia Francesca Photography-1.jpg

may 8 – We spent a few days at Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls. She and I took part in a “Mommy and Me” pedicure.
IMG_4665_Julia Francesca Photography-1

may 9 – He had way more fun than I even anticipated.
IMG_4743_Julia Francesca Photography-1

may 10 – Before we left for home, we stopped in at the Butterfly Conservatory. She loved when they would land on her.
IMG_4799_Julia Francesca Photography-1

may 11
51116_Julia Francesca Photography.jpg

may 12 – Impromptu photo shoot in the car.

51216_Julia Francesca Photography-1.jpg

Phew! That’s it for me for now! Time to check in with Karen to see how her week was.

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