a (pretty) ordinary year | week 14

This week was filled with awards and lost teeth! Here we go.

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week 14

april 1 – This isn’t a fancy photo by any means (and yes, I make goofy faces when people take pictures of me), but I am quite proud of it. My husband convinced me to enter some of my images into the Southampton Art Gallery’s Feast for the Eyes competition and one of my images won the Photography prize!
winner1_Julia Francesca Photography-1

april 2 – You take one of his fries, you take your chances.
40216_Julia Francesca Photography-1.jpg

april 3 – He locked himself into this car seat and couldn’t get out. (Later on in the day he got one of his teeth knocked out – but I spared you that image).
40316_Julia Francesca Photography-1.jpg

april 4 – We love Jr. Chef day at the Owen Sound Early Years Centre.
40416_Julia Francesca Photography-1.jpg

april 5 – Butterfly at rest.
40516_Julia Francesca Photography-1.jpg

april 6 – What a gorgeous spring day.
40616_Julia Francesca Photography-1.jpg

april 7 – They were supposed to be cleaning her room. Spoiler alert: It still looks like this.
40716_Julia Francesca Photography-1.jpg

Another week in the books – Now we’ll follow the blog circle and see what happened with Karen’s week.

Until next time, xo

3 thoughts on “a (pretty) ordinary year | week 14

  1. Congratulations on your winning image!!
    My kids are always playing in their car seats when we take them out. And I adore the butterfly image, just adorable. And that looks like a nice spring day 😉

  2. Oh my goodness that butterfly at rest and the “cleaning” the room images are so incredibly magical!! And congrats!!

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