a (pretty) ordinary year | week 9

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Some tastes of spring this week, and another snow storm. Gotta love this time of year! Here we go!

week 9

feb 26 – Had a playdate with this little guy – his manner of playing board games is right up my alley. Sitting up is for chumps.
22616_Julia Francesca Photography.jpg

feb 27 – I may not be a big fan of snow, but I do love winter sunshine. You really learn to enjoy it more when it’s so fleeting.
22716_Julia Francesca Photography.jpg

feb 28 – After watching her get dressed this morning, it all became clear why it takes so long for her to come down to breakfast in the morning.
22816_Julia Francesca Photography.jpg

feb 29 – leap day! There must have been magic in the air – he actually willingly put winter gear on.
22916_Julia Francesca Photography-5.jpg

mar 1 – It’s been a while since we came to story time at the library. He was excited to check out all the new flicks.
30116_Julia Francesca Photography-2.jpg

mar 2 – Yet another snow day! I got to hang out with my little miss during the other one’s nap time.
30216_Julia Francesca Photography-2.jpg

mar 3 – He loved the arrows, so we took our time heading back home after playgroup.
30316_Julia Francesca Photography-1.jpg

That was our week! How did yours fare? Follow the circle to find out what happened with Karen Osdieck.

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3 thoughts on “a (pretty) ordinary year | week 9

  1. What a great week! I agree that the getting dressed shot is just the best.

  2. I loved the getting dressed one! Such a perfect capture of how little ones gets dressed. And the portrait of your daughter is stunning. Great week!

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