a (pretty) ordinary year | week 8

This week is a little Felix centered – let’s face it, I spend most of my time with him, and with the winter and it getting dark early, it’s hard to get some of big sister, but I managed here and there. Let’s get to it!

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week 8

feb 19 – Potty training is definitely not my favourite activity. It is pretty cute though.
21916_Julia Francesca Photography.jpg

feb 20 – A lazy Saturday spent lounging and watching TV
22016_Julia Francesca Photography.jpg

feb 21 – He is a big fan of Hide and Go Seek lately, and this is his go to spot. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone! (Just kidding – he tells us he’s going to hide there every round).
22116_Julia Francesca Photography-1.jpg

feb 22 – Having more fun ‘shovelling snow’ at the Early Years Centre. Love that place!
22216_Julia Francesca Photography-1.jpg

feb 23 – My little artist at work.
22316_Julia Francesca Photography.jpg

feb 24 – He is a big fan of Everest from Paw Patrol. Here it looks like he’s giving her a kiss, but he’s really just sucking the veggie straw dust off of her face. Either way.
22416_Julia Francesca Photography.jpg

feb 25 – I love how she puts her whole self into it when she laughs. I wish I still had that sense of abandon.
22516_Julia Francesca Photography-1.jpg

That’s it for me this week – now be sure to follow the circle and see what Jessica Byrum was up to.

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Until next time, xo

4 thoughts on “a (pretty) ordinary year | week 8

  1. Love the painting and the paint on his face. And of course that hide and seek is so cute, my kids do the same thing.

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