a (pretty) ordinary year | week 6

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We spent this week recovering from birthday celebrations and then getting all kinds of sick. But we trucked on and geared up for Valentine’s day (although you can see how I really feel about that holiday here). Here we go!

week 6

feb 5 – Wheeeee!

feb 6 – I can’t get over this guy’s expressions – melts me every time.

feb 7 – I love trying new things – this was my first attempt at an ‘in camera double exposure’. It’s pretty fun and addictive – I sense more to come in the future!

feb 8 – Working hard to get into that frame as much as possible. Here we are getting ready for one of our daily rituals. Sitting in this chair, reading Paw Patrol books before nap.

feb 9 – Love soaking up those sun spots wherever we can.

feb 10 – These guys love getting mail – thanks to Grandma for sending Valentine’s cards.

feb 11 – Valentine’s sweat shop in full swing – completely with supervisor.

That was it for this week – hope you had a great one! Now let’s check out Karen’s week as we follow the circle.

Until next week! xo

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