a (pretty) ordinary year | week 5

Well, this week was a celebratory one. My biggest little turned 5! It seems so old to me. Luckily, she seems the exact same – go figure! Here we go.

week 5

day 29 – Potty training hasn’t always been smooth, but he’s getting the hang of it. I won’t miss this phase though!12916_Julia Francesca Photography.jpg

day 30 – The kids went to Literacy Day at the library, and made some masks that they were particularly proud of.
13016_Julia Francesca Photography.jpg

day 31 – Getting all spruced up before her big birthday party at Galaxy Cinema.
13116_Julia Francesca Photography.jpg

day 32 – Checking out the sunset from the warmth of the indoors.
20116-32_Julia Francesca Photography.jpg

day 33 – She was using the flower as a conch shell and told me “It isn’t working, Mommy!”
20216_Julia Francesca Photography.jpg

day 34 – Happy 5th Birthday Scarlett! I was all ready to take a picture of her before she blew out the candle, but they never gave her one. As you can see, it didn’t phase her much.
20316_Julia Francesca Photography.jpg

day 35 – Every year I measure them to see how much they’ve grown, and I’m always floored at how much taller they get!
20416_Julia Francesca Photography.jpg

What a week! Now that the birthday celebrations are finally wrapping up, we can mellow out – until Felix’s birthday next month that is! Hope you had a great week! Check out the fantastic light in Karen Osedieck’s pictures by clicking here next.

Until next week, xo

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