potty training.. *sigh*

Well, it’s about that time – time to get my little guy out of diapers and into underpants. He’ll be 3 in a month, so I’ve been putting it off, according to some people’s standards. It is my feeling that potty training might be the worst part of child rearing. Even when you think they’ve got it, they don’t. Trying to keep your cool while constantly mopping up pee and throwing out pairs of poop filled underpants should be worthy of medals. So yeah, I kind of hate it.

In a strange twist of fate, Influenster sent me a pack of Pull Ups training pants as part of their #byebyediapers campaign right when we decided to tackle it. Score!

Here’s my take on them.

I love that they are thinner than regular diapers, and are so easy to slip on and off, making my newly crowned ‘big boy’ eager to put them on for naps. They still feel kind of diaper-y, so I prefer to use them just for nap time and bed time. The problem was that he would wake up in the middle of the night, crying because his entire crib was soaked. We no longer use them at bed, and put a regular diaper on him then (but I try to fasten them ahead of time and pull them up – which is a pain and a half). My other con is that they supposedly have a ‘cool and learn’ feature, but he doesn’t seem to notice at all if he pees in them – so either he doesn’t notice it getting cooler, or he doesn’t care. When he is wearing regular underwear, he notices right away if he pees a little.

All in all, I like them for naps, but that’s about it at this point. I do appreciate that I got them to try out – I just wish they were a bit more absorbent for night time use. Thanks, Influenster!

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