October Finding Lifestyle Blog Circle | Motion

October is here! One of the many things that I have learned by participating in blog circles is that I end up leaving things to the last minute – oops!
Our theme this month is “motion” or “movement”. I have to say, I was a bit stumped at first, but I’m not sure why. My kids are ALWAYS moving, but I guess it doesn’t always come across well in a static photograph. So I went through my recent archives and looked for images that had a definite sense of movement in them. Surprise surprise, most of them involve S running. She was a somewhat late walker, but she definitely makes up for it now!

Here are the images that say ‘motion’ to me.



movement6_juliafrancescaphotography.jpg movement5_juliafrancescaphotography.jpg movement4_juliafrancescaphotography.jpg movement3_juliafrancescaphotography.jpg movement2_juliafrancescaphotography.jpg

That last one isn’t as dynamic as the others, but it does show a motion we are still doing several times a day, but that I know that we won’t be doing much longer.

This month ended up being much more fun that I thought it would be! Now to see what Kate came up with this time. Enjoy the rest of the circle!

4 thoughts on “October Finding Lifestyle Blog Circle | Motion

  1. The motion blur in the first is dreamy but the last one just got to my mamma heart and I am all choked up. I haven’t thought much about what gradually stops when they aren’t so little anymore, so thank you so much for this reminder!

  2. Wonderful photos that really capture the moment. The roller coaster is my favorite just for the “motion” – fantastic effect! But I love that they all show motion AND emotion.

  3. those are all so unique and all amazing! such emotion. I think the train one if my fav. as it’s quite different than anything I’ve seen. :)

  4. I love the image of your daughter running down the aisle. I remember my kids doing that all the time!

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