week 35 of project 365 | a week of waiting

Summer is quickly fading. That makes me a bit of a sad panda. I love the heat and the summer activities so much. And I will be one kid less during the day in just over a week’s time. S will be starting school, and she couldn’t be more excited. I am also excited for her (of course), and it will be interesting to see how F and I do as a party of two. So yes, there will be a lot of S features this week, but I’m sure it will all even out, as things usually do. Here’s how the week went.

week 35

august 28 – My hubby has many talents. He’s an artist, a science nerd and he can play the guitar. So obviously, he needed another hobby. Lately he’s been really into woodworking, so he made me this entryway bench. We are all big fans of it.

august 29 – Hubby’s parents came to visit from Chatham for the weekend. Not only were they super excited to see Grandma and Grandpa, but they also got to visit them in their hotel room. They were allowed to jump on the bed. PLUS the hotel has a pool. What else do you need?

august 30 – We headed out to the Salmon Spectacular’s Kids Day. If there is a bouncy castle, my kids will be bouncing. Guaranteed.

august 31 – I got to spend some one on one time with my little miss. I will feature this trip to the museum with her via my 5 on 5 blog circle entry in just a day or so, but for now, here’s on my favourites from the day.

september 1 – SEPTEMBER?! NO! (that’s what Alley is saying here).

september 2 – It may be September, but it has felt like the middle of July. Man, I’m going to miss this weather. We got in one last beach day before we had to off to school and the fall. Totally worth it.

september 3 – She is so serious when she is concentrating, but the look on her face when she accomplishes her goal lights up my day. I’m going to miss spending every day with this girl.

That’s the week done – next week will feature S’s very first day of school! Still not sure how that is possible. Until then xo


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