Weeks 27 and 28 of Project 365 | A double shot!

Okay, so I guess you could say that I kind of missed the boat here, but the truth is, last Friday night (when I typically do my 365 blog posts), I had spontaneously decided to head over to visit my family in Barrie. That means, no time to blog! Then the days went on and I figured by that point, I might as well just do both at the same time. So here it is, a double shot! Lame excuses behind, let’s get to it.

week 27

july 3The Early Years Centre does an ‘Around the Town’ feature every July, where they have the kids visit different places in the neighbourhood. This time, I lead the kids through a tour of 92.3 The Dock, which is where I also work part time. I had the kids record their voices and they thought it was hilarious. Sometimes, that’s all you need.

july 4 – I decided that enough was enough, watched a lot of You Tube videos, and tackled cutting Felix’s hair. I would normally go to a professional, but I’ve had bad luck lately – he moves a lot and so they don’t end up getting much done. I used the sweet distraction of Paw Patrol to do my magic. Turned out pretty well (just don’t look at the back).

july 5 – Felix has never really been a boy that has been into cars or trucks, but lately he’s been a bit more interested in them. On this day, I was a human track for quite some time.

july 6 – This week was hot! It was fun getting out to play in the water – the kids had a blast with this giant water table.

july 7 – Another “Around the Town” tour – this time to Pizza Hut! They got to make their own pizzas and, of course, eat them. And, of course, my kids were the only ones that ate their whole pizzas. It didn’t matter that it was 10:30 in the morning. They are just feeding the flames that imply that I don’t feed them when they are at home.

july 8 – This little diva decided to dress herself – from the jaunty hat to some pink Dora tights. I might have to watch out for this one.

july 9 – I’ve been working a lot more these past few weeks thanks to fill ins, so it was nice to take the kids out on a walk after dinner, which is something that we don’t do enough of. This walk turned more into a run by the end though.

week 28

july 10 – I had planned to take the kids to Barrie to visit with my mom and sister, but at the last minute, we decided it would be best to go up the night before so we’d have a full day for fun. So I packed up the kids in their PJs and we were off. Wearing PJs outside of the house is apparently the coolest thing ever.

july 11 – Spend the day swimming in my mom’s pool, followed by a visit to Barrie’s Ribfest and then some fun at the beach as the sun went down.

july 12 – After yet another day of swimming (Scarlett spent almost 4 hours straight swimming in the pool!), the drive home was very quiet.

july 13 – I bought some calamine lotion the other day because the bugs seem to really love Felix. On this day, he kept insisting that lotion be put on bug bites that didn’t exist.

july 14 – Enjoyed a trip to the ‘Story Tent’ put on by the library. The crafts and stories are fun, but nothing beats bubbles. Ever.

july 15 – Neither of them are guaranteed to wake up happy, so on the rare occasions that it happens, I’ll take a picture of it.

july 16 – Daddy’s birthday! Scarlett was so excited to wish Daddy a happy birthday (many times). We decided to celebrate with birthday pizza, so the kids snuggled with him while we waited for it to arrive.

Phew! That was the past two weeks in a nutshell! I am so in love with summer – I really wish we had it longer than we do. I am hoping we will be able to get out and soak it up while we can!

Until next week.. xo

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