week 30 of project 365 | celebrating summer

This week was all about staying cool as the temperatures soared. Let’s get to it.

week 30

july 24th – we went on a tour of the fire station, and this picture is a really big deal to me, because this was the first time (after 4 visits) that Scarlett willingly and happily sat in the fire truck. On her first visit, when she was about 18 months old, one of the firefighters demonstrated what it sounds like when they talk with a mask on. That was it – Scarlett was terrified and couldn’t be consoled. That was 3 years ago. This year, she was finally cool with it. I am so proud of her. Be sure to check out an upcoming blog circle post that will show this visit in more detail.
72415_photojournalistic photography.jpg

july 25th – I took the kids to Storybook Park again (we will be there a LOT in August I’m thinking), and I thought I’d see if Felix would be willing to try the waterslide. He wasn’t, but he kept going back and forth, which no doubt completely frustrated the lifeguard on duty. This is the look he gave her when she asked him to make up his mind. He’s got quite the stink eye.
72515_photojournalistic photography.jpg

july 26th – I thought it would be fun if we went to the park and splash pad after dinner, which is something we never do (usually they are off to bed shortly after dinner). We had some fun, and Felix showed me that he is finally okay with going down tube slides – as long as I stand at the bottom and call up to him, of course.
72615_photojournalistic photography.jpg

july 27th – Scarlett decided that it was a fairy princess at the park kind of day, and of course I agreed.
72715_photojournalistic photography.jpg

july 28th – It was a hot week! We spent some time in the backyard in the morning, and F decided to wear his favourite outfit.
72815_photojournalistic photography.jpg

july 29th – After dinner, sometimes we play, and sometimes we jam.
72915_photojournalistic photography.jpg

july 30th – Happy birthday to Scarlett’s friend Grace. She turned 5 today – I remember going to her 2nd birthday and it really doesn’t feel that long ago at all.
73015_photojournalistic photography.jpg

Hope you had a fun week too! Until next time xo

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