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It’s time for another installment of the monthly blog circle between the lovely ladies in our Finding Lifestyle group. Here’s how a blog circle works – you check out my post, and then click the link to check out the next one, and keep going around until you come back to mine again. It’s a fun way to see how each person has a different take on the same topic.

This month the topic is details, and I decided to go a slightly different way this time. Yesterday was of course Canada Day, and I got it  in my head that it would be a great idea to take the kids to see the fireworks. By myself. And document it. Because I’m crazy.

Here’s the funny thing – I don’t even like fireworks! They are kind of boring to me, to be honest. But I knew the kids would either love them (or hate them), so I thought we’d give it a try. This would be the first time that they had both stayed up to go see them, so I wanted to capture their reactions to the event, rather than the event itself – and that’s what I mean by the details.

It starts off with them sitting in their jammies already way past their bedtimes, watching Bubble Guppies and waiting until it gets dark enough so we can go watch them (it was around this point that I was rethinking my whole master plan!). I did my best to capture their growing excitement as smaller fireworks went off in the distance, and then the actual trepidation when the big show finally began.

IMG_9899_documentary IMG_9900_documentary IMG_9910_documentary IMG_9912_documentary IMG_9917_documentary IMG_9919_documentary IMG_9923_documentary IMG_9929_documentary IMG_9933_documentary IMG_9938_documentary IMG_9943_documentary IMG_9944_documentary IMG_9952_documentary IMG_9954_documentary IMG_9966_documentary

starting to get nervous
starting to get nervous

IMG_9980_documentary IMG_9986_documentary IMG_9987_documentary IMG_9988_documentary IMG_9992_documentary IMG_9994_documentary

And proof that we actually did see some fireworks (don’t mind the tree – the little guy was stuck to my lap and wouldn’t let me get in a better position)IMG_9971_documentary

Thanks for checking them out! Now check out what Nicole’s take on the details theme is here.

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  1. Love your take on the theme! And the 3rd to last photo … that expression on her face and body language it too precious!

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