Week 25 / Project 365 | Stop the sickness!

I don’t think I’ve changed more crib sheets than I have this past week. We had a week of fun and sickness – what else is new?

week 25

june 19 – My other gig is at 92.3 The Dock, and we were having a work BBQ, so I brought the kids along to join in the fun. They got to have some fun rides and I got to have a break – win win!
61915_colllingwood photographer.jpg

june 20 – Felix woke up feeling sick once again – what is with this kid? Lots of throwing up and lots of snuggles.
62015_colllingwood photographer.jpg

june 21 – Happy father’s day!62115_colllingwood photographer

june 22 – Felix wanted to take his ‘baby’ to the park.
62215_colllingwood photographer.jpg

june 23 – Both kids love going through our photo albums. Just another reason why prints matter! Get those photos off your phones and computers and onto books and walls!
62315_colllingwood photographer.jpg

june 24 – A nice snack break for a bunch of cute friends.
62415_colllingwood photographer.jpg

june 25 – It was the last day of work for my coworker Victoria, so she got the honoured photo of the day. All the best to you!
62515_colllingwood photographer.jpg

Another week in the record books! We’ll do this again next week – hopefully with less sickness. xo

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