Week 22 of Project 365 | Some Relaxation

Hope you have been having a great week! My last one was filled with some relaxation, and a lot of tears. So, pretty normal (except for the relaxation part)! Let’s get to it.

week 22

may 29th – Scarlett decided to do some walking on the ceiling. Maybe we have a future acrobat on our hands?
52915_colllingwood photographer.jpg

may 30th – I got to visit with my Great Aunt Marg, my granny, my mom and my sister as we got together for a nice formal dinner. It was great to catch up! What I loved is that my Great Aunt Marg passed around some old family photographs – it was great to see what they were like back then, and proved that printed pictures really do stand the test of time. I was happy to get everyone at the table in this shot (except for me, of course)

53015_colllingwood photographer.jpg

may 31st – Off to some much needed relaxation at Scandinave Spa in Collingwood. The weather wasn’t the greatest, but it really didn’t matter. It was great to spend time with my mom and sister – and somehow we didn’t get kicked out for being too loud. Shhhh!
53115_colllingwood photographer.jpg

june 1st – At the Early Years Centre, Felix discovered this spray water bottle. Apparently squirting yourself in the face = hilarious.
60115_colllingwood photographer.jpg

june 2nd – The kids had a little jam session with their dad. Mostly fun and games, with the odd scream and pinch thrown in for fun.
60215_colllingwood photographer.jpg

june 3rd – Scarlett had her second visit with the eye doctor. You’d think she was going to Disney – that’s how excited she was. She handled it like a pro, too.
60315_colllingwood photographer.jpg

june 4th – Today was a rough day for my dear Scarlett. Here she is engrossed in one of many ’emotional displays’ on the sidewalk. Thank you neighbours for understanding!
60415_colllingwood photographer.jpg

If you go back through my 365 project, you might notice that once and a while I include pictures of my kids either crying or being upset. The point isn’t to mock them or belittle them. I’m simply showing a glimpse into our lives at that moment. Life isn’t all smiles and sunshine, at least it DEFINITELY isn’t at my house! So while it’s great to remember the good times, I think it’s healthy to remember the not so good times too.

Here’s your chance to get pictures of your life, as you are living it, warts and all! If you are interested in a photo session like nothing you’ve seen before, send me a note and let’s make it happen. Check out my site for more information.

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