week 21 of project 365 | around the sound

This week we spent some time around Owen Sound. Hanging out at the Early Years Centre as we love to do, visiting the pet shop, and even going to kindergarten orientation! *yikes!* Here we go!

week 21

may 22: We did some yoga at the Early Years Centre. At least their hearts were in it.
52215_grey bruce.jpg

may 23: When we were visiting the pet shop, a man made a joke to Scarlett about taking a couple of critters home. When I realized he was talking about mice, I breathed a sigh of relief. I can handle a couple of rodents – but a couple of dogs would be too much in this house.
52315_grey bruce.jpg

may 24: Nap time for a two year old is hit or miss, and this is the face I get when he’s just not ready to commit.
52415_grey bruce.jpg

may 25: The kids made me a Mother’s Day craft that included a tea bag, and today Scarlett insisted we drink some. So I made her some and let her drink it in her tiny tea cup. She was BEYOND excited, and told me she felt very fancy.
52515_grey bruce.jpg

may 26: “Pardon me, I’m going to have to take this.” When the banana phone rings, you answer.
52615_grey bruce.jpg

may 27: This was a day that I was going to leave my camera at home, but at the last minute I changed my mind, and I’m so glad I did because it was parachute day at the Early Years Centre! Felix goes NUTS for the parachute (like if it was a drug or a food I’d consider an intervention program), so I’m glad I was able to capture some of the madness.
52715_grey bruce.jpg

may 28: Scarlett had her kindergarten orientation today. She did all kind of skill building tasks and crafts and was very excited. Here she drew a self portrait. Uncanny.
52815_grey bruce.jpg

That’s it for this week! Next week we’ll have a hair raising experience! Until then .. xo

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