Annan Family Photography |Winter Fun: Paula+Matt

Just before Christmas, I took part in a Pay it Forward campaign, and I offered up a free photo session. I had lots of interest, and it ended up that Paula and Matt were the big winners! Due to the holidays being pretty crazy, we decided to have the session in the middle of January. Of course, we got a ton of snow leading up to the photo shoot (no surprise living in Annan Ontario!). Luckily, it decided to mellow out on the actual day of the shoot, so I was able to go to their house and capture a part of their day with their little 4 month old Blake.

I’m actually glad we got to do the shoot just after we got so much snow, because the snow was just PERFECT! It was pure white and everywhere. And this way we got to see sweet little Blake in his adorable snowsuit! I think my heart melted a bit (which is more than I can say for the snow). Paula and Matt were so much fun to work with and Blake is just so cute – I hope we can get together again some time soon!

Here are some of my favourites from their shoot.

mom and baby look up while dad kisses baby


parents sit and smile at baby baby looks over mom's shoulder  father snuggles with baby in his armsdad and baby smilebaby-sleeping-on-mom

After Blake had a few snuggles with Mommy, we got on our winter gear and battled the elements. Luckily it had warmed up considerably, and the snow was just gorgeous!

mother-sits-with-baby-in-snow family-sits-in-snow dad-holding-up-baby baby-in-snowsuit just-blake holding-up-baby

And, just for fun, proof that sometimes enough is enough. :)


Aww, he’s the cutest, even when he’s sad. We had a great time!


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